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Wacona Hornet                               Wacona Elementary School
3101 State St.
Waycross, GA 31503
Phone: (912) 287-2362
Fax: (912) 284-2057
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Monday, April 14th 
reakfast: Cinnamon Toast OR Honeybun
Lunch: Spaghetti OR Mini Cheeseburgers

Testing 1st -2nd Reading

Car Rider Duty: Team B

Chorus: 2:40-4:00

Tuesday, April 15th
Breakfast: Frosted Flakes OR Toasted Cheese Sandwich
Lunch: Beef Stew OR Popcorn Chicken

CRCT 3rd-5th Reading

Wednesday, April 16th
Breakfast: Marshmallow Mateys OR French Toast Sticks
Salisbury Steak OR Cheese Sandwich

CRCT 3rd-5th Language Arts

Thursday, April 17th
Breakfast: Honey Grahams OR Egg Omelet
Lunch: BBQ Sandwich OR Hot Dog

CRCT 3rd-5th Math

Friday, April 18th
Breakfast: Frosted Flakes OR Cheese Grits
Lunch: Cheesy Mini Quesadillas OR Taco

Testing 1st-2nd ELA

***Saturday BUNNY HOP 5K

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Breakfast begins: 7:10
First bell rings:  7:40
Tardy bell rings: 7:46
Dismissal: 2:40

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Wacona Elementary School, Waycross, Georgia.

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