CRCT Preparation

Testing Dates:
April 16-17, April 19, April 23-24

Things to do:   Come to school every day!
Go to bed early!
Get plenty of rest!
Eat a well balanced breakfast!

Presentation from Wacona's CRCT Parent Workshop

Test Taking
Practice Tests
CRCT From the Georgia DOE
Online Assessment System
Georgia CRCT Practice Tests 
and Tips
Northwest Laurens Practice Tests
Ten Tips for Terrific Test Taking
Rabun County Practice Tests
Test-Taking Tips
 Bayvale Elementary School
Top Ten Test-Taking Tips 
for Students
Help Your Child Improve in Test-Taking
 Ferguson Elementary
Test Taking Tips
 Assessment Resources from NEGYSTC
CRCT Grade 3 Study Guide
 My Test Book
CRCT Grade 4 Study Guide
CRCT Grade 5 Study Guide
CRCT Parent Brochure from the Georgia DOE

Language Arts
CRCT Content Descriptions - ELA - from Georgia DOE
CRCT Content Descriptions - ELA - from Georgia DOE
 Game Zone
Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney
Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension
Third Grade ELA
 BBC Literacy
Interactive Quizzes
 The Reading Room
Fourth Grade ELA
 Kaboose Reading Games
Fifth Grade ELA
 Funbrain Word Games
 Gamequarium LA
 Game Goo
 Grammar Gorillas
 Learning Today
 Primary Games LA
 PBS Kids Reading Games
 Mr. Nussbaum LA
 RIF Reading Planet
 Arcademic Skill Builders

CRCT Content Descriptions - Mathematics - from Georgia DOE
Third Grade Math
Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney
Fourth Grade Math
 Math Playground
Fifth Grade Math
 Online Math Learning
 Toy Theater
 Play Kids Games
 Helping With Math
 Sheppard Software
 Gamequarium Math
 Arcademic Skill Builders
 BBC Math
 Funbrain Numbers Games
 Primary Games Math
 Mr. Nussbaum Math
School Time Math Games

Social Studies
CRCT Content Descriptions - Science - from Georgia DOE
CRCT Content Descriptions - Social Studies - from Georgia DOE
Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney
5th Social Studies
 Gamequarium Science
Interactive Quizzes by Tami Maloney
 Primary Games Science
4th Social Studies
Internet4Classrooms Science
3rd Social Studies
Mr. Nussbaum Science
Gamequarium Social Studies
Funschool Science Games
Primary Games Social Studies
Mr. Nussbaum History
Science Games
History Mystery

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 This page created January, 2011,
by Lori Howell, Technology Instructor
at Wacona Elementary School.
Updated January 19, 2012.