Keyboarding Games
and Exercises for Kids
(Please note that you should use the correct posture and hand position while keyboarding,
even if you are playing a game.)

Computer Circus
Are you sitting like the girl in this picture?
Dance Mat Typing
ABCYa Keyboard Challenge!
Dexter's Laboratory Robo Raid
Alphabetic Rain
Funblaster Type Me
Frog Diet
Outerspace Fleet Commander
Typing Bubbles Game
Save the Sailboat
Computer Hardware Keyboard
Spacebar Invaders
Nimble Fingers
Meteor Typing Blast
Computer Keyboarding Questions
Spell Dictator
Alpha Attack
Type Type Revolution
Arachnid Falls
Barracuda Typing
Super Hyper Spider Typer


Keyboarding for the Instructor

Keyboarding Activities
Edina Public Schools
Lee's Summit Keyboarding
One Hand Typing



This page created by Lori Howell, Technology Instructor
at Wacona Elementary School, September 2002.
Updated February 23, 2011.