Paul Revere
A Pathfinder for Third Grade

SS3H2  The student will discuss the lives of Americans who expanded people's rights and freedoms in a democracy.

a. Paul Revere (independence)

b. explain social barriers, restrictions, and obstacles that these historical figures had to overcome, and describe how they overcame them

SS3G2  The student will describe the cultural and geographic systems associated with the historical figures in SS3H2a.

a. identify specific locations significant to the life and times of these historic figures on a political map

b. describe how place (physical and human characteristics) impacted the lives of these historic figures

c. describe how each of these historic figures adapted to and was influenced by their environment

d. trace examples of travel and movement of these historic figures and their ideas across time

e. describe how the region in which these historic figures lived affected their lives and impacted their cultural identification

Print Resources-Books and Magazines

There are several excellent books about Paul Revere. A few of the books are listed below.


383 McC McCall, Edith. (1961)  Mail Riders: Paul Revere to Pony Express.

811 Lon Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth. (1963)  Paul Revere's Ride. (AR: 5.5)

921 Rev Forbes, Esther. (1946) America's Paul Revere.

921 Rev Fritz, Jean. (1973)  And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (AR: 5.3)

921 Rev Saxon, Gladys.  (1965)  Paul Revere.

921 Rev Fisher, Dorothea. (1950)  Paul Revere and the Minute Men.

921 Rev Adler, David. (1995)  A picture book of Paul Revere. (AR: 5.3)

921 Rev Mara, Will. (2004) Paul Revere.

921 Rev Trumbauer, Lisa. (2004) Paul Revere.

973.3 Dah  Dahl, Michael. (2004)  Midnight Riders: A fun song about the ride of Paul Revere and William Dawes.  (AR: 2.2)

973.3 Dra Draper, Allison. (2001) The Start of the American Revolutionary War: Paul Revere Rides at Midnight.

973.3 Fis Fisher, Leonard Everett. (1970)  Two If By Sea.

973.3Gol Golden, Nancy. (2004) "The British are Coming!" The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere.

973.3 Kre Krensky, Stephen. (2002)  Paul Revere's Midnight Ride. (AR: 5.0)

973.3 Niz Niz, Xavier. (2005) Paul Revere's Ride. (Graphic History)

973.3 Ste Stein, R. Conrad. (1983)  Lexington and Concord. (AR: 5.8)

973.3 Wol Wolfe, Louis. (1964)  Let's Go With Paul Revere.

974.4 Eps Epstein, Samuel. (1966)  Young Paul Revere's Boston.


F Law Lawson, Robert. (1953) Mr. Revere and I. (AR: 7.5)




Online Resources--Internet Sites

The Web sites listed on this page have been previewed and selected for this topic.

The Famous Ride of Paul Revere.  (American independence wars) Sutcliffe, Jane. Appleseeds, Oct 2001 v4 i2 p12

Meet Paul Revere.  (hero of the American independence wars) Bell, J. L. Appleseeds, Oct 2001 v4 i2 p2

Night rider.  (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Paul Revere's Ride")  Weekly Reader, Senior Edition, Nov 12, 2004 v83 i10 p4(2)

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Write Like Paul Revere!  Kelly, Abigail; Dart, Denny. Appleseeds, Oct 2001 v4 i2 p18

Paul Revere Alphabet Code.  Enchanted Learning.

Paul Revere Cloze Activity.  Enchanted Learning.

Paul Revere Word Search. Enchanted Learning.

Videos, CD-ROM, Laserdiscs, etc.

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