For Teachers
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KidPix Ideas
Lesson ideas for using KidPix, a graphics/multimedia program
Kidspiration and Inspiration Ideas
Lesson ideas for incorporating Kidspiration or Inspiration (graphic organizer/mapping programs)
Ways to incorporate use of a SmartBoard as well as technical help
Top Ten Lists
Top ten websites teachers should see
Word Processing
Ideas for teaching word processing or incorporating it into your lesson plans
Using the Internet in Your Classroom
Some quick, creative ways to use the Internet in your classroom
Power Point
Ideas for teaching about PowerPoint or multimedia programs
Ideas for using the Paint program in your classroom
Ideas for teaching about Excel or spreadsheet programs
Links to keyboarding activities and online games
Ideas for teaching about Access or databases
Help with PCs
Help for simple computer problems and questions
Using a Digital Camera
Ideas for using a digital camera in your classroom
Making Webpages with Composer
Tips for using Composer to create webpages
Fantastic site with ideas for bringing technology into your classroom
Downloading Netscape Composer
How to download the 4.79 version of Composer to create webpages
Links for Tech Teachers
Links to sites about teaching keyboarding, word processing, and other technology education
Ed Tech Training Center
Center that trains teachers to incorporate technology
Graphics for Educators
Links to sites with great free or linkware graphics appropriate for school websites
Landmarks for Schools
David Warlick's web site, with resources and links to his tools like Citation Machine.
Dr Judd at VSU
University professor's resources for all teachers, especially for making webpages. Also has links to theme pages for student use.
Marco Polo
Lesson plans and Internet Resources for Social Studies and other activities
Index of Webquests searchable by grade and curriculum area
Wacona's Computer Lab
Our Activities and the Georgia Technology QCCs
Educational Technology Journals
List of online and print resources about ed tech
Advice for integrating technology and keeping your computer healthy
Technology Integration
Excellent site for lesson ideas on incorporating all types of technology into curriculum areas
Strategies for Teachers Using Computers in the Classroom
Management Tips for a One-Computer Classroom
Georgia EdTech Centers
InTech lesson plans and templates
Technology lesson plans A-Z Clipart Guide
to find clipart by keyword
Education World
We're featured in an article on using digital cameras in the classroom
Starting a Technology Club
Tips for starting a tech club, as well as sample club websites and activities
Game Templates
Links to game templates for you to download and make your own games for the classroom
Educational resources, including streaming video for Georgia educators (you must have a username and password to access the videos)
Tutorials to guide you through using programs like PowerPoint, Excel, and others. Also step by step guidelines to take you through different projects. Exceptional site!!
Making Web Pages
Includes guidelines for creating a web page
Teacher Web Page Template 
A template form to save and use in Netscape Composer for making your own web page
Scanner Projects
Links to ideas for using the scanner in your classroom
Best Practices of Technology Integration
Lesson Plans which integrate technology developed specifically for elementary teachers.
WWW 4 Teachers
Lesson plans and activities for teachers to use. Includes list of tools for teachers.
Introduction to Computer Applications Tutorial
Excellent tutorials on the Internet, software, web design, and teachers' page
Back to School Technology Activities
Twenty-one new activities centered around technology integration.
CyberBee Copyright Q&As
Excellent site to answer all of your copyright questions
PC Pitstop
Help for simple PC problems
ActDen Tutorials
Tutorials to help you learn how to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, and more!
One Computer Classroom Webquest
Lesson that guides you through learning to make the most of having just one computer (or few computers) in your classroom
Surviving in the One-Computer Classroom
Classroom management tips, ideas for use, troubleshooting tips, and more
Integrate, Infuse, or Use?
Why should you use those computers anyway? How can you integrate technology on top of everything else you have to do? Practical answere here.
BudUgly Web Design
What NOT to do when making a web page
Search Engines for Kids
List of several kid-friendly and safe search engines as well as tips to use when surfing the Internet
Search Engines for Adults
Categories of types of search engines to help you find what you need on the Internet
Using Computers in the Primary School
Excellent ideas for using various programs and integrating with curriculum
Tricks and Treats
Computer Care and Maintenance
Ideas that teachers at Wacona Elementary have used successfully in their classrooms
Basic Skills

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