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(Picture drawn by Raja)

The Creek men were hunters. They mostly used bows and arrows to hunt with. When they fished, they used nets, spears, and hooks that they made out of bones. The men and boys hunted animals like deer, turkeys, rabbits, and other small animals. 

The women were farmers. The women also did the cooking and took care of the children. The children helped work in the garden. They planted foods like corn, beans, and squash. They cooked things like stews, soups, and cornbread. They had to cook over a fire or in a big stone fireplace called a hearth.

The Creek put a special plant called devil's shoestring in the river. This plant would kill the fish. The fish would float to the top, and the Creek would gather them and eat them. The plant did not hurt the Creek.


This is a corn stalk.
The Creek and Cherokee both grew corn to eat.
We got this picture from Pics4Learning


The Cherokee Indians were farmers and hunters. The men hunted animals like deer, rabbits, and turkeys. The men also caught fish. The boys also helped do things like making bows and arrows, blowguns, and canoes.

The women tended to the gardens. They grew corn, squash, beans, and other vegetables. The girls helped with this, and also picked berries, nuts, and mushrooms. They grew tobacco that was used in special ceremonies. They made baskets and pots, and took care of younger children.

They ate lots of things they could find in the woods. They had grapes, mushrooms, berries, nuts, potatoes, and wild greens. They loved to use corn in all kinds of soups and stews, and made it into meal to make bread. They also had pumpkins, squash, and beans.

For their meat, they ate deer, buffalo, squirrels, birds, fish, frogs, elk, bear, crayfish, and mussels. The Cherokee put a special plant in the water. This plant made the fish go to sleep. The Cherokee then gathered the fish and ate them.

They liked to cook soups and cornbread. They had to cook over a fire or in a big stone fireplace.

Today they eat all the same foods that everyone else eats!

Chicken picture made by Ja'Nia








To learn more about the food the Cherokee and Creek Indians ate, visit this link:

This picture shows a garden like the Creek and Cherokee grew. We got this picture from Pics4Learning.
All of the gardens had a shelter like this. The Indians stored their corn and seeds in these shelters. The shelters were built up high so that rabbits and small animals couldn't get in and eat the seeds.



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