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The Creek men used some of the same things as both weapons and tools.

They used spears, bows, and arrows. When they had to fight, they used war clubs and tomahawks. They carried shields to help protect themselves.





The Cherokee Indians used some of the same things as both weapons and tools.

The Cherokee Indians used different weapons. They liked to use bows and arrows when they were hunting. Sometimes they used blowguns to shoot their prey. They used fishing poles, though they weren't like fishing poles are today. They also used spears to catch fish. They had to be really fast to catch fish that way.

The men used bows and arrows when they were fighting, too. They also used special hatched called tomahawks. They used their spears to fight, too.

The early Cherokee Indians used bones and rocks as tools. They used these to cut wood and smooth it do make arrows and bows. Arrowheads were made out of stones. Fishhooks were made out of bones and bent sticks.

Girls made baskets out of cane stalks. They made mats to sit on. They made hoes to use in the gardens. They made sewing needles out of bones.

The later Cherokee Indians traded animal skins to get steel axes and hoes from the English settlers. They also traded for kettles, steel sewing needles, and metal fishhooks.

The Cherokee needed weapons to fight their enemies. They sometimes had to fight other Indians like the Choctaw and the Creek. Men and women both could be warriors. They were good at sneaking up on their enemies.

The Cherokee used weapons called war clubs. These were clubs made of wood. Some of them had antler spikes on the end. Others had sharp rocks on the end.

During a war called the War of 1812, the Cherokee helped defeat the Creek Indians. After this, the Cherokee never had to fight the Creek again.

To learn more about weapons and tools the Creek and Cherokee used, visit this site:  http://www.angelfire.com/ks2/tsalagilanguage/weapons.html.





This picture shows the inside of a Native American home.
There is a net hanging on the wall. Creek Indians used nets to help catch fish.
The net was an important tool to them.
We got this picture from Pics4Learning.




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