How Drugs Affect Your Body
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We know that a lot of people have problems because of taking drugs, smoking, or drinking alcohol. Even kids in elementary school need to know that drugs are a problem. We wanted to make a web site to help people learn about these problems so they won't use drugs.

Click on parts of these pictures to find out how different drugs affect your body and your brain.

Drugs are things that people take to change the way they think or feel.

Why do people take drugs?

Drugs might make someone think they feel good, but only for a little while.

Friends might talk them into taking drugs.

They think drugs won’t really hurt them.

They think, “Oh, just one time will be okay.”

Drugs might make them forget their problems, but only for a little while.

They think taking drugs makes them look cool to their friends.

The best way to stop taking drugs is never to start. If someone asks you to try something, have the courage to say, “No!”

Do not let anyone talk you into taking a drink, smoking a cigarette, or taking some kind of drug. Use your own brain and make your own decision. Make a decision that will protect your body and your mind.

There are special groups to help people quit drinking alcohol, to quit smoking, and to quit taking drugs. If you know someone who needs help from a special group, talk to your school counselor or another responsible adult.

To learn more about drugs and why people take them, visit this link:

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