Plant Groups
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Plants are divided into two groups:  Vascular and non-vascular.

Vascular Non-Vascular
Vascular plants have tubes running through them. These tubes carry water and nutrients through the plant. The tubes are in the leaves, stems, and roots.

Some types of vascular plants are trees, grass, and ferns.

Any plant that has flowers is a vascular plant.

Any plant that has cones is a vascular plant.

Vascular plants reproduce with seeds.


Non-vascular plants do not have tubes running through them.

Water soaks into non-vascular plants and then moves from one cell to another. This is how they pass food through the plant

Non-vascular plants must live in moist areas or in water.

They do not grow to be very tall.

Moss is a type of non-vascular plant.

Non-vascular plants do not have roots, leaves, or stems.

Some non-vascular plants look like they have leaves, but these are not actual leaves.

Non-vascular plants reproduce with spores.


A tree (vascular)

Moss (non-vascular)


Flower (vascular)

Algae (non-vascular)

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